What We Do

Thought-provoking short films about art and creative practice that promote scholarship, understanding, and visionary thinking.

Solid Pink Productions specializes in creating documentary films on creative practice. We love to examine the complex ways our world is seen, understood, and represented to develop meaningful connections with audiences. Our production method places an emphasis on research and writing from ideation to completion to provide transparent production practice with clear intentions. In our experience, an open and collaborative environment provides the best foundation for capturing artists at work.

Artist and Exhibition Films

A selection of short documentaries we’ve produced and directed for exhibitions.

Martine Syms: She Mad, Season One, producer/director, 2022
Kerry James Marshall: Mastry, producer/director, 2016
Michael Rakowitz, producer/director, 2018
Doris Salcedo’s Public Works, post-production producer, 2015
Laurie Simmons, producer/director, 2019
Nick Cave, post-production producer, 2022
The Freedom Principle, producer/director,2015
Otobong Nkanga, producer/director, 2018
Howardena Pindell, producer/director, 2018
Jonathas de Andrade, producer/director, 2019

Who is behind the scenes?

The far end of a dark space is lit up bright pink where a film crew is clustered on a small stage.
Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli as the Director of Photography on the set of Candy Ego by Hysterical Accuracy.

Anna Chiaretta Lavatelli, the owner and producer behind Solid Pink Productions, has worked with moving image for the past 20 years, from small-gauge experimental film to cinematic digital productions. She also has over 15 years of experience working as a museum technologist, film director, editor, and cinematographer–a regular Jacqueline of all trades. Her extensive experience working with living artists throughout her career has supported the creation of original content that illuminates artistic practice and intellectual processes of the most important artists and thinkers of our time.

Lavatelli’s first video was a short film shot on VHS and edited on an analog JVC linear editing system after hours at Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center in Buffalo, New York. From there she continued working with video and film to develop an art practice while gaining a degree in media studies and a master of fine arts. Alongside her experimental film and video practice she developed a career as a museum technology professional working as a technician at the Guggenheim Museum in New York, later as the Associate Director of Digital Media at the Balboa Park Online Collaborative, and, before striking out on her own, as the Director of Digital Media at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago. At MCA Chicago she managed and developed digital content and platforms, including the creation of dozens of short documentary films, the redesign of mcachicago.org, and over a half dozen websites to support contemporary art scholarship and visitor engagement with artists and exhibitions. During the website redesign, she also made a commitment to accessibility and co-founded the Coyote Project to make artwork accessible to people with low or no vision and develop language for describing our world. In 2019, Lavatelli founded Solid Pink Productions to bring her range of expertise and extensive talent network to projects across genres, ranging from documentary productions to sci-fi noir comedies.

We like to meet new people.

We work with production crew around the world and are constantly expanding our network. Woman-owned and operated, Solid Pink Productions is a supporter of those who have been marginalized by the film industry. We are committed to hiring the best talent while prioritizing the hiring of people from communities and backgrounds that are underrepresented in the film and video production field. If you work in film production (sound, camera, post) please feel free to share your reel, tell us about yourself, and what kinds of projects you do your best work on.